What’s Your Story?


Everyone has a story of their own, and they're all worth sharing. They're all worth being heard. I would love to hear yours! Maybe this will be a little inspiration to get you going.

Everyone has a story of their own, and they’re all worth sharing. They’re all worth being heard. I would love to hear yours! Maybe this will be a little inspiration to get you going.

There’s a story behind every face you see.

The conclusion drawn by the reader comes at the end— not the beginning.
In the story of “Life”, we cannot skip to the end.
Nor can we read just the beginning and expect to fully comprehend the  j o u r n e y  to the final line.
There, the final line that the readers’ eyes travel across struck by a moment of silence.

As the story begins to be read, the reader is impacted and opinionated.
He relates familiar experiences and emotions while discovering new ones– each word closer to the d e s t i n a t i o n.
Every story deserves to be told.
There is good and bad in every account.
Lessons learned and lives transformed.

Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end.
Every story has a purpose.

My story does not end here.

Walking in this Storm

The storms of life always have potential to be turned into something beautiful

The storms of life always have potential to be turned into something beautiful. I can hardly believe I wrote this poem on July 31, 2011. It is a constant and daily reminder of God’s faithfulness when I can’t see through the dark clouds that come my way. I am so underserving of the grace and love that God has shown me.

The heaviness of my heart is beginning to weigh.
I often wonder if this is just another phase.
Jesus I long to see you walking in this storm
Because I know I can’t do this alone.
The direction I’ve chosen to take seems to be the road less traveled.
Maybe that is why I feel like I’m walking on gravel.
Trying to make it to the very end,
I constantly stop to breathe and take it all in.
The pain is small in comparison to what you were dealt.
You took on pain from the origin of itself.
My fears, my failures, my human nature all fight with each other,
While your truth stands firm in all it has to offer.
Take my power hungry spirit from contradicting with Yours,
And mold it into that of You my Lord.
I pray my head and my body continue on forward,
No walking backward or any unnecessary detours.

Here and now, take me as I am.
Just one unworthy, selfish man.

Swept Away

Creation at Home

Fresh air.
Cleansing my senses.
Clearing my thoughts.

Deep breaths.
Easing my tension.
Releasing anxiety.

Wide eyes.
Seeing what lies ahead.
Taking it all in.

Meaningful touch.
My hand gliding against the trees.
My feet shuffling through the grass and leaves.

Listening ears.
Catching a faint noise in the distance of children playing.
Feeling the breeze against my ear lobes.

The day.
Is beautiful.

The day.
Is peaceful.

There is no day, like today.
Nor is there any day like tomorrow.

He is good.

Sweet Camaraderie

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Familiar faces meet in due time
To utter words of encouragement to the heart of thine
A sad frown turned upside down
Turned heads hear the crackling spit of cheeks pronounced
Rosy cheeks and a joyous heart
Friendship is a beautiful piece of God’s art
Without these revealing circumstances do we see
The beauty of every person and person to be
As arm extends to shake a hand
Two other arms embrace the unsure and uneasy man
Accepted and invited by some strange love
The other thankful for you to God above


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